Marie Curie Technology Business Incubator for Technology Based Enterprises

Marie Curie was the first "Technology Business Incubator" to be set up in Andalusia (2010). Since then it has become one of the best spaces for the consolidation of young technology-based companies. Since it was set up, nearly 90 companies have operated in this building, which was built and is operated by the Cartuja STP management company. It currently houses 39 technology-based companies.

The Marie Curie Technology Business Incubator has great competitive advantages over other business incubation centres:

Technologically entrepreneurial environment, made up of high-quality facilities, a network of technology entrepreneurs and specific activities geared towards this group of companies. Its philosophy is that sharing space with companies whose needs are the same as yours will let you grow more easily. In the Marie Curie Technology Business Incubator, we share more than just physical space: knowledge, best practices and experience.

Synergies and cooperation. The main objective of the management team is to generate business opportunities and cooperation through mutual awareness among the companies established here. With this in mind, activities, courses, talks or seminars are organised right here in the building, in some cases exclusively for the companies of the Technology Business Incubator and, in other cases, with a view to fostering relationships between them and other companies located in incubators, nurseries and business centres.

Stronger together. Having young, dynamic and technologically advanced companies set up in the Marie Curie Technology Business Incubator strengthens our image and, as a reflection, the image of the Technology Business Incubator, as a whole, strengthens the individual brand of every company installed here.

The high-quality infrastructure of the building, is structured to help develop the business activity of this type of companies: technological, generally small in size and in the early stages of growth.

The management team of the Marie Curie Technology Business Incubator provides monitoring and advice for incubated companies, and is always available, accessible and at their full disposal to solve problems and give personalised responses to the demands of all companies.


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