The European Commission funds the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneur programme and through which it provides New Entrepreneur with subsistence grants therefore allowing the New and Host Entrepreneurs to concentrate on a meaningful, successful exchange without concern of monetary issues such as living costs (grant to cover living cost).

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Contacte con nuestro departamento de Innovación y Proyectos al  671 59 28 39 o escríbanos al correo bgomez@pctcartuja.es.

Opportunities in Europe for entrepreneurs and start-ups.

As a partner of this EU-funded programme, we promote business growth and competitiveness by bringing together new and experienced entrepreneurs to learn from each other.


  • 7 consortium partners from 7 different countries
  • 2 years’ track record
  • More than 120 international exchanges.

About the programme

Through our flagship programme Start, run and grow your business (Startup2) (part of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme), we take part in a consortium dedicated to promote entrepreneurship across Europe.

The programme supports new entrepreneurs to connect and learn from their experienced counterparts in another participating country.

Get first-hand practical experience & advice

This programme gives you the opportunity to stay from 1 to 6 months in another European country to collaborate and work together with an experienced entrepreneur.

For “new entrepreneurs” (NEs), this is a great opportunity to learn from the best and adapt their business case to actual market. For “host entrepreneurs” (HEs), this is a unique chance to open up to the fresh perspectives of NEs, to access to international markets and to promote the growth of their business in Europe.

The exchanges within this programme will be funded by a grant from the European Commission.

Recent testimonies of successful business exchanges - Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme

"I got plenty of new insights on what we are doing! For example, I realised, thanks to Sarah, that one of the things that I do with my company actually had a concept behind it and it helped me to develop the right tools and services for it. I am also planning to adapt the ‘service-fee model’ in Spain where the culture is different." Esperanza Moreno, Youfeelm.

"In Munich I work in a company that is an international reference as hydrogen technologies consultant and I'm here thanks to the Erasmus Entrepreneur Programme. It encourages young entrepreneurs to collaborate with consolidated companies and foster the collaboration between European countries". Fernando Mañes, Eman Ingeniería.


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