FP DUAL (Blended vocational training)


The Cartuja STP is part of the Alianza para la FP Dual project run by the Bertelsmann Foundation, the CEOE (Spanish Confederation of Employers' Organizations), the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and the Princess of Girona Foundation.

The Alianza para la FP Dual project works to promote blended vocational training in Spain. This training modality has been regulated in Spain since 2012 and involves companies taking part in the learning process of students in vocational training cycles.

The main features of this blended training are that the learner alternates periods in school with periods in the company for two years, enabling companies to:

  • Participate in the delivery of the training content, and make it more suited to the real requirements of the labour market.
  • Get to know vocational training apprentices during their training period, enabling them to select their future workers.
  • Have a pool of students available who learned how the company operates while they were training.
  • Reduce staffing costs.
  • Reduce the time and cost of training, informing and adapting new recruits.
  • Have access to students who have real experience in the working world.


In short, it is a training modality that benefits both companies and students, which is why more than 2,800 companies in Andalusia are currently taking part in these projects.

Here in the Cartuja STP, in collaboration with the Bertelsmann Foundation, we are working to be able to provide advice and guidance to all those companies in the park that may be interested in taking part in FP Dual projects. All our services are completely free of charge and are provided by the technical staff of the Bertelsmann Foundation in collaboration with the Cartuja STP.

Among the first steps we took last year, we would highlight the organisation of a Working Breakfast in October at the Marie Curie Technology Business Incubator, where we informed the companies in the Park about this interesting initiative. At that breakfast we were able to identify companies who were interested in taking part. The companies that decided to join the FP Dual received personalised advice, their training requirements were analysed, their doubts cleared up, and they were put in touch with educational organisations.

In this first stage the two professional groups we worked with were:

  • Administration and Finance (Clerical Staff and Clerical Assistants)
  • Information Technology and Communications (Computer technicians / Programmers)

Some of the new activities undertaken in 2019 were constant information for the companies in the park about this training modality and its advantages (through information sessions and dissemination on the Cartuja STP website), and the identification of new FP Dual projects for companies to join.

The Cartuja STP management company wants to take a step further and take part in a specific DUAL FP project

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