Invierte PCT Cartuja program


The INVIERTE PCT Cartuja programme, which was launched in 2012, aims to make it easier for entrepreneurs to gain access to capital financing for their start-ups. To that end, group training sessions and individualised mentoring activities are organised to enable them to get their company ready as far as communication (how to prepare the pitch), finance, legal, operational, etc. matters are concerned, and each edition is closed with an investor forum.


What does the INVIERTE PCT Cartuja programme offer?

  1. Workshops on the business model, business valuing methods, legal aspects of investor entry, commercial development and digital marketing for start-ups.
  2. Mentoring to validate the business model, the financing strategy and to prepare the pitch for investors.
  3. Co-working space in the Marie Curie Technology Business Incubator for the entrepreneurial team.  
  4. Presentation of the project at the Cartuja STP Investor Forum.
  5. Access to the community of the Cartuja Science and Technology Park.

Results of editions that have already been held:

In the eight editions held from 2012 to 2019, this programme has enabled the Cartuja STP to train and assess 165 entrepreneurs. 8 Investor Forums have been organised in which 78 start-ups have been presented and more than 80 investors have attended consisting of business angels and venture capital companies. In total, in the seven editions of the Programme, capital financing amounting to €3m was raised.

Projects funded in previous editions:

Projects that succeed in completing funding rounds achieved an average of EUR 150,000. Here are some examples of companies that managed to get funding through the Invierte PCT Cartuja programme: