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The Cartuja Science and Technology Park is the first international example of re-use of premises inherited from a universal exhibition (Expo’92) in a space that links up the University, Science and Enterprise.

Its success is reflected in its motto: Innovate, collaborate, grow.

The Cartuja STP is a public policy instrument which seeks to enhance local economic development and technological modernisation. It encourages private investment in R&D&I by offering itself as an innovative space, where cooperation is the basis for growth. It integrates scientific, technical and social capacities that facilitate the creation, transmission, dissemination, measurement and management of knowledge and its application in productive activities.

Human capital is the main asset of its companies and research centres.

The Cartuja STP also has an added advantage: Its privileged setting. It is an urban park, just a few minutes’ walk from the historic centre of Seville, and less than 20 minutes from both the airport and the high-speed railway network train station.

What really constitutes the heart of the Cartuja STP are its scientific and technological companies and establishments. In addition to these are the areas dedicated to culture, leisure and sport. Together they constitute a cluster of excellence.

The Park is a true business, scientific and technological engine that is in continuous development. As a result, the cluster houses 536 companies and establishments that generate direct employment for 23,701 workers and an economic activity of 2.987 billion euros (data for the financial year 2020) ​. See Report 2020.


Scientific and Business Area

This is the main part of the Cartuja STP. It is made up of technology and advanced services companies, research centres, business schools and public entities that support innovation, as well as business associations.

University area

The activity of the Cartuja STP maintains close ties to the Higher School of Engineering of the University of Seville. As well as this centre, the Park is home to the Faculty of Communication of the University of Seville and private university colleges (CEADE and San Isidoro University Centre). Mention should also be made of the International University of Andalusia (UNIA).

Cultural Area

The Park offers a wide range of cultural activities, headed by the Andalusian Centre for Contemporary Art (CAAC), along with the Central Theatre, the Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation, the auditoriums of the SGAE, Rocío Jurado and CaixaForum.

Sports and Leisure Area

Located in the North of the STP, the sports area includes the La Cartuja Stadium, the Cartuja Island Sports Facilities and the High-Performance Centre of Rowing and Canoeing. The main leisure areas are the Alamillo Park and the Isla Magica theme park.

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Setting up in the Cartuja STP

Companies have the option of setting up in an entire building or in modules in the business centres. Both options may be available on a purchase or rental basis.

Here at the Cartuja STP management company we will provide you with the information you need to contact the owner of the office or the building. If you wish to set up in the Cartuja STP your professional activity must be related to Science or Technology. In summary, it must be an innovative company.

Start-ups and innovative companies that were set up recently have their own space with specific services for them: the entrepreneurs housed in this building have added value services at their disposal such as help to source funding, support for the development of their project and continuous business cooperation activities.

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What can we offer you?

The Cartuja STP management company is in charge of creating dynamic business relationships to develop the Science and Technological Park, through meetings to search for partners and collaborators, training and advisory programmes for funding seed capital and R&D projects, and implementation strategies to promote information and communication to spread awareness of the activities and projects of the companies and organisations located there.

The management company falls under the responsibility of the Consejería de Transformación Económica, Industria, Conocimiento y Universidades and is a member of the Asociación de Parques Científicos y Tecnológicos de España (APTE) and the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP).

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Why choose us?...


Exclusive location for business 5 minutes from the centre of Seville, 15 minutes from the San Pablo international airport and the Santa Justa train station. We are equipped with excellent complementary services, whether for business, leisure, culture and sport.


Access to scientific and technical facilities dedicated to interdisciplinary research in the fields of Nuclear Physics, Microelectronics, Biotechnology and Biomedicine, Nanotechnology and 3D.


At your premises in the Park you can always rely on the encouragement and support of the management of the Cartuja STP, that promotes relationships and the creation of business opportunities and synergies between companies and organisations within the site, especially on issues related to business financing and generating R&D&I projects


You will be working in an environment where there is a constant flow of knowledge and technology, between universities, R&D institutions and companies. This environment will create business opportunities, access to regional, national and European funding offers (in particular the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme) to add both funding and added value to products and services. Having premises in the Cartuja STP, surrounded by leading companies and R&D centres of technology, research and innovation, will boost the image, positioning and visibility in the market of all companies located here.


Your neighbours will be companies that are potential business partners, suppliers and customers. Sharing space with companies whose needs are the same as yours will let you establish alliances and grow more easily.


You will have access to networks of contacts and knowledge at national and international level thanks to the work done by the management company of the Park.


You will have access to top level information on activities, seminars and specialised events at national and international level, where you will be able to share knowledge, experience and know-how with other companies and research centres, whether they are established companies or start-ups.


Technologically entrepreneurial environment, made up of high-quality facilities, highly innovative neighbours and specific activities geared towards this group of companies. Sharing space with companies whose needs are the same as yours will let you establish alliances and grow more easily. In the Marie Curie Technology Business Incubator, we share something more than just physical space: knowledge, best practices and experience.

The management team of the Marie Curie Technology Business Incubator offers exclusive monitoring and advice for the incubated companies, and is always available, accessible and at their full disposal to solve problems and give personalised responses to the demands of these young companies.

Synergies and cooperation. The management team always strives to generate business opportunities and cooperation through mutual awareness of the companies installed in the Marie Curie Technology Businesses Incubator, and in line with this aim, activities, seminars and other events are scheduled, often exclusively for the entrepreneurs housed in this building and in others, with a view to developing links with other incubators, nurseries and business centres.

Stronger together. Having young, dynamic and technologically advanced companies operating in the Marie Curie Technology Business Incubator boots our reputation. This image of modernity and excellence therefore reflects on the individual image of each of the projects located in it.

The high-quality infrastructures of the building, structured to help develop the business activity of this type of companies: technological, generally small in size and in the early stages of growth and consolidation.