Community in PCT Cartuja

Business Centre
in Seville

Community of innovative or technology-based companies in the Cartuja Science and Technology Park.

Why join our Business Centre?

The coworking in the Marie Curie Techno Incubator is much more than a physical space. In the heart of the Cartuja Science and Technology Park, you will be surrounded by companies and entrepreneurs from the technology sector. Leverage synergies and join the community.

Office in the Tech Incubator

The building has offices of different sizes to accommodate the scope and requirements of every company there, with the possibility of changing modules if necessary.

Synergies with other companies

Thanks to its privileged location in the heart of the PCT Cartuja, you will be surrounded by companies similar to yours. Innovative and technology-based businesses you can collaborate with.

Access to global enterprise networks

We raise the visibility of your company, at home and abroad, thanks to the business community both in the actual building and in the Park.

Soft landing in incubators around the world

The Marie Curie Tech Incubator has partnered with the Spanish network of technology parks to get access to the services of other tech incubators for its companies.

Access to public and private funding

We will guide you to get the funding your project needs to continue growing.

Information and delivery of the PCT Cartuja newsletter

We provide all the companies of the Park with relevant information about the technology sector. We also keep you up-to-date with all the latest developments in the Park community.

Requirements for accessing the business centre

1. To be a legally established organisation

2. To be of an innovative or technology-based nature

3. From any sector or activity

4. To add value to the rest of the companies in the building or in the Park

Some companies that have come through the Marie Curie Tech Incubator

Frequently Asked Questions

To be part of the Marie Curie Tech Incubator's business centre, companies must meet the following requirements:

  • They must be legally established organisations that bring added value to the rest of the companies in the building, in the Park and/or to the actual management company, through its services, contacts, projects, etc.
  • They can be from any activity sector, provided that their products, services or processes are innovative or technology based.
  • There should be no fixed term on the lifespan of the company.
The opening hours of the building are from 8:00 until 20:00. In any case, companies that have an office have access 24/7, so that they can come in as and when they need to.

You may want to take a look at our Business Incubation Service, where we help you launch your project.

Yes, we have spaces that can accommodate up to 150 people. Check out our room rental service.

Power consumption in the business centre mode is not included, although you do not need to sign a contract with the distributor.
Yes, the building has a free asymmetric 1 GB Wi-Fi network.
The company incubators that are part of the soft landing programme may be located anywhere in the world. The objective is to facilitate access to their facilities for entrepreneurs and companies with projects in the incubation phase, either by providing spaces free of charge or with discounts when hiring rooms. You will be able to rely on a trusted person, who will welcome you and give you guidance you on what you need and, of course, on other entrepreneurs like you.

Business Centre

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