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We support newly set up, innovative or technology-based companies to help make their project a success.

Access our project incubator and start building your future

If you want to participate in our business incubation program, just follow these simple steps.

1. Check if you meet the requirements

We only accept applications from startups with an innovative or technology-based project.

2. Fill in the form

Apply for your place by supplying the information we ask for on the form and providing your business plan.

3. Evaluation interview

We will study your request and contact you to see if your project fits.

4. Let’s get to work

Lead your project and leverage all the resources at your fingertips to make it a success.

What does the Business Incubation Service include?

A successful project requires much more than an office. We offer you a wealth of resources to support your growth.

16 hours of free mentoring per year

Our mentors specialize in a variety of areas, all related to your company's management, such as strategic and financial planning, marketing or team management.

Access to public and private funding

To launch your project you need funding. We help you find it thanks to the guidance of our mentors and the Tech Incubator’s network of contacts.

Visibility and contact with industry companies

The location of the Marie Curie Tech Incubator, in the heart of the PCT Cartuja, puts you in the perfect location to get in touch with other companies and entrepreneurs in the technology sector.

Access to open innovation programmes

Join other entrepreneurs and SMEs in the park, and take part in challenges launched by large companies. Brainstorm creative and innovative ideas to raise your profile and collaborate with other companies.

Soft landing in incubators around the world

The Marie Curie Tech Incubator has partnered with the Spanish network of technology parks to get access to the services of other tech incubators for its companies.

PCT Cartuja Newsletter

Keep up-to-date with all the latest developments in the Park and in its companies, as well as the internal activity calendar. Take part and create synergy relationships.

Research centres and laboratories at your disposal

If you need access to a laboratory or research centre to develop your project, we have several options in the Science and Technology Park.

Development of prototypes and project piloting

We provide you with resources for prototyping or pilot testing, to make it as easy as possible for you to get your idea up and running.

Custom offices for your business

The Tech Incubator consists of office modules of different sizes, which are adapted to the needs of your company in each of its growth phases. The incubation service always includes a physical space tailored to your business.

With our mentors you will never be alone

The goal of mentors is to advise you on any area related to the management and development of your company, such as strategic management, financial planning, marketing or team management.

Renting meeting and conference rooms

Companies that are part of the Marie Curie Tech Incubator have a 50% discount when renting spaces within the building.

Frequently Asked Questions

Innovative and Technology-based Companies means non-financial companies whose activity is based on exploiting and marketing new products, services and/or processes, or making substantial improvements to existing ones, developed from the results of scientific and technological research.
The basic characteristics that identify these types of companies are:

  • They have technology-generating capacity, making the most of know-how and transferring it to their surroundings. They base their activity on intensive mastery of scientific and technological knowledge.
  • Highly qualified scientific and technological staff take an active part in developing them.
  • They generally operate in high-tech sectors, which, in practice, means that they have a higher average investment in R&D than other sectors do. They often face specific uncertainty issues that arise from exploiting new technologies, and the reaction of the markets to innovative products and/or services.
Is the office included in the price? Yes. The incubation service includes a physical space that is the appropriate size for each case.
Yes, the electricity consumption of the incubated companies is included in the price up to 8KW/m2 per month. If you use more than this, your consumption will be charged in your invoice (although this rarely happens)
Yes, the building has a free asymmetric 1 GB Wi-Fi network.
The physical incubation service is much more comprehensive: it includes an office and more direct guidance from our team and mentors.
The company incubators that are part of the soft landing programme may be located anywhere in the world. The objective is to facilitate access to their facilities for entrepreneurs and companies with projects in the incubation phase, either by providing spaces free of charge or with discounts when hiring rooms. You will be able to rely on a trusted person, who will welcome you and give you guidance you on what you need and, of course, on other entrepreneurs like you.

Business incubators or startup incubators are places where companies begin developing their projects and take their first steps into the business world.

By contrast, a startup accelerator focuses on giving momentum to companies that are already up and running. The goal is to achieve rapid growth, either through funding rounds or by providing them with tools and resources.

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